Your health

At Burgen we use tasty nutritious ingredients in our delicious products so that they are an easy addition to your healthy balanced diet. That’s why you’ll see the phrase Deliciously Healthy on all of our packs.This section provides more information on eating well and staying active but if you have a specific question why not Ask Our Nutritionist?

Bone health


We need an adequate intake of calcium (alongside Vitamin D and several other nutrients such as Vitamin K) to develop and maintain healthy bones and teeth. Milk, cheese and other dairy products provide about half of the calcium in the UK diet. As a basic guide, eating around 3 portions of low fat dairy foods a day will provide you with a good calcium intake. A portion includes a glass of skimmed or semi-skimmed milk, a standard pot of yogurt or a matchbox-sized piece of hard cheese.

Non-dairy food sources of calcium include calcium-fortified soya drinks, tofu, beans, almonds, sesame seeds, tahini paste, canned salmon, sardines with the bones, green leafy vegetables such as broccoli and cabbage (not spinach) and hard water. If you do not eat dairy foods and are unsure about achieving the right amount of calcium in your diet you should discuss it with your doctor or practice nurse, as you may need to take a supplement.