Your health

At Burgen we use tasty nutritious ingredients in our delicious products so that they are an easy addition to your healthy balanced diet. That’s why you’ll see the phrase Deliciously Healthy on all of our packs.This section provides more information on eating well and staying active but if you have a specific question why not Ask Our Nutritionist?

Heart health

What is cholesterol?

Cholesterol is a waxy substance made in the body from saturated fats. It can also be found in some foods, although dietary cholesterol has less effect on our total blood cholesterol levels than saturated fat intakes.

Cholesterol is vital to life – we need it to make vitamin D and some hormones. However, it is recommended that a healthy adult should have a total blood cholesterol level of 5 mmol/litre or lower.

If your cholesterol level is already in this range, it’s important to maintain this - see our lifestyle tips and Omega 3 information.

If you have a raised cholesterol level your GP will be able to advise you on lifestyle and whether you need to consider medication.